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I have always been intested in photography. I did a Fine Art degree and many family members are keen documentors and photographers so I really grew up surrounded by camera's. The first time I used Instagram was in Bali and I really started to use it the last few years in Australia. I had an account mainly to share with my Dad what Australia and my life looked like. All the time in Hong Kong I guess he could never picture what my every day looked like. Suddenly with Instagram this changed!

When I set up MICMAD one of the first things I did was set up a Instagram account. It was a great way to get me into the swing of social media and also a way to capture what I was doing. What was inspiring me. Looking into logo designs and all the adventures I was going on.

1. Love it don't hate it! Before one of the things that turned me off Instagram was all the people that post about muscles and food! I have to say it was a bit like reading celebrity magazines when for some reason you end up feeling a bit depressed. What I did this time is really focus on adventureres, inspiring people and as soon as someone posted about their chicken dinner I remove them!

2. Work your hashtags. So learn what other people you like use. I really like to use location. Then I follow the likes of Mister Weekender and so I use one's such as #awesomeearth #liveauthentic and then I use emotive ones such as #dream #go #see #be. I have no idea if this is right. Some photos get way more likes than others but it's fun to play around with different ones and see what other's use.

3. Look for inspiration. I love typography and words so I really enjoy following @type.gang or @type_matters for inspiring lettering and great words of wisdom to get your day started

4. Follow the news. It's a great way to get a hit of what's happening around the world. Be it the latest from the BBC or more local Australian news. It's a great way to get a hit of what's going on in the world.

5. Follow your dreams. If you want a house follow architecture sites. If you want to stay in amazing places follow hotels or regions. There is so much inspo available on Instagram to give you regular updates and remind you what your working towards.

6. Follow adventureres. Yes there are lots of beautiful people on Insagram and they have a lot of followers. There is nothing wrong with this. I try not to follow too many of these people. For me what gets me are the @lebackpacker who spends his life climing mountains in Austria listening to XX music or amazing nomads and wanders. These people are doing amazing things, seeing amazing things and sharing them with us!

7. Do what you like. People say this about lots of things. I think a neiche is, or a theme works really well on accounts. That just isn't me! I want to be sharing photos and inspo from around the around and therefore my site is going to be a melting pot of beaches, lettering, flyers, mountains and people. You know what I actually really love it! Having been a painter I know that the more you work on it and it progresses the better the feed and you will become at working the system.

8. Like for like. Instagram is a like for like culture. It's really based about positivity. Twitter is famous for people being blunt. Instagram seems to be more supportive yet still very interactive. Everyone want to build up their followers. I am happy to have now over 1000 followers so exciting however, many people ahve 1000s more so I have quite some way to go till I hoepfully become a suggested user!!

9. Reach out to people! Having really only been on this journey for a short time I am amazed at how easy it is to conact people. Many people on Instagram have wesbites, blogs, email addresses and snapchat all listed and easy to access. Which means if you like someone's photos or want to contact them for a story you can often get in touch. Which is pretty cool! That has led me to connecting with several really inspirational people including Jaz O'hara documenting the refufee migrants in France.

10. Go for it! Everytime I think should I shouldn't I post this photo and I do. I am always so pleased I did. People are out there enjoying your photos and messages and mini stories. It's almost like a micro blog in itself. So keep wataching this space as the MICMAD Instagram journey continues and I will plan to share more of this journey as I learn more about this interesting and growing media.