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Hobart is just a short 1.5 hour flight form Sydney and 1 hour from Melbourne. You would be surprised why we don’t hop on a plane more often to this beautiful city. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, and is an island off the coast of Australia which is known for it’s beauty, it’s food, wine and nature. So as you can imagine when a friend said she wanted to go I jumped at the chance to go and check it out again.

The last time I was in Tasmania it was nearly three years ago. At that point I had been in Australia for 8 months and I had really caught the exercise bug and was really smashing out all of these runs around Sydney, starting with 5k runs then 10km then it was soon time to do a half marathon. I used to be quite a good long distance runner when I was younger and then also discovered other things and therefore did not really keep up this passion of mine, but I really tapped into it when I moved to Australia. Running is a great way to get to know a city and see if from another perspective. As well in Sydney nearly every weekend is some half marathon you can join and so you feel left out of conversation if you are not participating in this movement.

So I looked at the marathon calendar and I decided I did not want to do my half marathon in Sydney the runs were too flat and on roads and I felt this would not be challenging or interesting enough. I found one in Hobart in November which gave me at that time plenty of time to train at that point in time. 

One week before I started to get very nervous about this run, I had never done such a thing before and really wasn’t sure I was ready, had trained enough or was capable of such a thing. When I went on the website it said Point to Pinacle ‘The worlds hardest half marathon. Oh. My. God. What have I signed up to? It turns out this marathon was up this huge mountain overlooking Hobart which reaches 1200 meters and is called Mount Wellington it is the backdrop of Hobart and had a white pinnacle on the top and this is what we were running to.

I started at the bottom with hundreds of other people and slowly everyone set up, feeling pumped with an excellent playlist I climbed to the top of that bloody mountain. 360 degree insanely beautiful views and incredibly sore legs by the top. 21km of pure pain, joy and beauty. I would highly recommend it and it was an incredible feat and adventure!

The next day I walked around MONA ( the modern museum of old and new art, in Hobart ), which is an incredible adventure and landmark of the city of Hobart. I will come to this in a second. Essentially it was amazing and I was in a lot of pain.

This second time we did two nights and two and half days and below is our incredible tips and trip! Any further recommendations please add and I can’t wait to explore so much more that Tasmania has to offer, it is so fresh, so beautiful and an abundance of good looking men!

We stayed at the Salamanca Wharf Hotel and for a few nights it's worth splashing out on a nicer boutique hotel, with an amazing location, bed, bath and little apartment. 

Day 1

Arrive, dump belongs in Hotel (we choose the Salamanca Wharf Hotel). The hotel is a very nice apartment style hotel, amazing location right in Salamanca very modern we were already excited!

Salamanca markets. 

Walk around the city. 

Bath time.

Franks. Dinner Frankly would not have been the same anywhere else. This place rocks.

Cargo. Party time in Hobart is surprisingly good. There are several bars which turn into down and dirty party dens that you can dance the night away. No lock out laws or shots bans here!

Bedtime. Pass out, sleep, revive. 

Day 2

Get up early and go to Pilates.

Delightful brekkie. 

Shop around the city.

Snooze in the hotel.

Hike up Mount Wellington. We went a three hour hike up a trail called the pipeline track. 

Fern Pub. Quick refresh, big plate of wedges, wine or beer. Nice relax beside the fireplace.

Hotel time. Baths, blogging, chatting, dancing, eating.

Day 3

Amazing breakfast.

Head to Moma on the Ferry.

Check out the museum.

Drink Whisky.

Eat amazing tapas lunch at winery above the art gallery.

Take hilarious photos.

Grab one more drink before flying home.

Living artist the owner will get the tattoo when he dies. 

Pussy selfies. 

Amazing artwork by Cameron Robbins

Dinner at Franks.

Ridic breakfast, by the hotel. 

Typical Hobart view!