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 While I was living in Hong Kong a year in, to balance out the craziness of the city, I looked to health and wellness. I found my job very stressful and high pressured and the environment of living in Hong Kong so packed, busy and fast. Having dabbled in yoga before I looked for some studios and somehow came across a studio called the Shakti Healing Circle. I went for a Reiki session, I had done one years ago and it was interesting how the heat sensations run through your body and how it made me feel afterwards, I thought I would try it again. Talking to the man who gave me the treatment he told me about the yoga classes they had on and I thought I would give it a go.

After trying some other classes I stubbled across a class that happens on Saturdays, the yoga was called Kundalini and was taught by Neil Irwin ( Niham Singh ). He is English and had the brightest eyes you have ever seen, it was as if a light or a torch was shining out to you. He used to run 4 hour monthly work shops going through a number of poses and sequences and I got hooked. I would leave the class feeling strong and powerful and with a clear mind. I would be able to focus on what I want and generally feel that my weakened energy was growing and I felt strong and calm and happy.

For about a year I went to Neil’s classes and I went to nearly every one of the four hour classes. People would say four hours that must be too much, weirdly the time would fly by and as with most exercise you don’t realise your getting any better until you stop and realise wow I used to be able to do that.

The Shakti Healing Circle was my secret healing centre. With the madness of Hong Kong the location is very central and the room overlooks Hong Kong. Sometimes it would be raining outside and sometimes it was a place to get away from the smog and heat. 

It was through this practice I learnt a lot about the aura, the body, how the mind wants to stop but our bodies can keep going. I learnt so much. 

On their website they describe it well:

3HO Kundalini Yoga is extremely potent, combining the traditional yogic tools of posture, breath, mudras, mantras, body locks, and deep relaxation (yoga nidra) into a unique series of yogic kriyas and meditations. These kriyas are particularly suited to the age we live in and produce results that would take many years of regular Hatha yoga practice to achieve. Many find in Kundalini Yoga a deeper connection on all levels, not just the physical.

Benefits you will find with Kundalini Yoga:

• increased muscular tone and flexibility

• corrected posture to allow deep, easy, free flowing breathing

• resetting of your navel point to strengthen the lower triangle

• a strengthening of your nervous system

• balancing of the glandular secretions of your endocrine system

• increased Human Radiance and Majesty – the power of projection and protection in the electro-magnetic field, increasing your resistance to stress and disease

• opening of the heart to love and promoting a deep sense of conscious connectivity and trust. Life becomes an easy intuitive flow

• deep relaxation and spontaneous healing

This year in Sydney I have got back into it again. I stayed away for a few years, as much as I loved it when I got to Sydney I wanted to be outside doing high energy excercise, running, trialthon’s, weights and then pilates. However, I have got the Kundalini bug back and I have been going again once or twice aweek and it’s amazing the power and energy you get from the practice. 

I have been going to Karen’s classes in the Kundalini Yoga Collective, starting with the beginners course and then the Tuesday evening sessions. 

A lot of the work is about getting rid of old patterns, energy and creating new energy paths and ways of being. It’s really liberating and exciting to get back in to the practice. There is also the elements of mediation and the mantra’s help focus on many different types of meditation. 

Now what about tantra? There is something special about the Kundalini energy, the different breathing and body locks release and strengthen your energy. I found a good note on this topic below:

Note: Tantra is a complex philosophy but in basic terms & in this situation is not sexual in terms of Men & Women; Tantra is the balancing and union of polarity within ourselves, the union of the mind & body, masculine & feminine, positive & negative, light & dark, physical & subtle, macro & micro energies inside oneself.  It is intimacy & union with the self, not of a Man & Woman. However, being more intimate with yourself allows you to be more intimate with others, so there could be a benefit in that area too!

For more information please check out online to see your local class or come join me in New Town as I explore and deepen my Kundalini Yoga practice!