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Being from the UK and living in London for many years, I think it’s about time I gave some credit and shout outs to this amazing place. First is my guide to all things Brixton. Brixton has transformed from what was once quite a dodgy part of London to a highly popular and highly sort out area. I like to think I was a trend setter moving there after Uni, closely followed most of my friends. Even my bro and sis live there now, so it must be amazing! Here are my top tips. Have I missed something? Where do you like to hang out in Brixtontown?

Go to the swimming pool.

Brixton has some killer swimming pools. They have a 50m inside swimming pool which I used to love going to with friends and you have the outdoor lido in the summer. Get involved.

Fitness First. Wherever I go travelling I love to check out the local gyms and I must say the gyms in Brixton are brilliant. If you want to be jigging around to jungle music with some sexy mamas this is the place to be. There are also some really good alternative classes such as belly dancing on offer which is well worth trying out!

Brixton Markets. When I moved to Brixton about 8 years ago it was redeveloping a lot, now its changed so much everyone knows and lives in Brixton. These little markets are awesome. On Thursday night they are open late and there are so many different restaurants on offer.

Franco Manco’s. This gets a line to itself. Ever wanted to know the best hangover cure ever? You might have to wait to get a seat this is one of the best pizza’s in London and they cook very quickly due to their special base. These bad boys are truly incredible and no one should go to Brixton without trying one of these.

Brixton Academy. This is a great music venue with plenty of live bands and DJs playing. I saw the Cat Empire and many other great acts. Live music is one thing London is famous for and this is a great venue where everyone has a great view and can do lots of dancing.

Brixton Cinema. The Ritzy. What else does a great area need? A little independent cinema of course. This little cinema is very dainty and cool with plenty of great movies to watch and you can take in a glass of wine as well.

Coldharbour Lane. If you go to Brixton walk to the Dogstar pub and walk up Cold Harbour Lane to Loughborough Junction. It’s not a far walk and you can get a feel for Brixton all the different housing blocks, people, pubs. It’s well worth a walk down memory lane. There is also the best Portguese café near the Junction if you make it about a 10 minute walk.

The Dogstar. Sad to admit I had many a night out in this pub come club come gritty fun bar. The Dogstar was mine and my friends local for quite a while and its a real mix of a pub, somewhere you can dance and basically have lots of drinks!

Brockwell Park. London has some beautiful parks and my favourite would have to be Kensington Gardens but a park is a park and I love them all. There are quite a few little public parks made possible by the council and Rockwell park is very nice and even has it’s own outside pool called the Brockwell Lido. 

Electric Avenue. I have always loved Reggae music. We grew up dancing like hooligans to Bob Marley. So I have always been a fan of old stool Reggae especially growing up the 1990s where there are so many classic tunes including Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant. So I must say the first time I went to Electric Avenue I got a little buzz with excitement and this was the first street in London to get electricity back in the day! Now it is full of little shops, fruit and veg stores and is the gateway to a lot of the markets. Well worth having a look around and enjoying the colour, culture and vibrancy. 

Japanese Restaurants. There are so many great food places in Brixton Fujiyama is such a great place to hang out. From yummy Bento boxes, to noddles and sushi delights this gem has it all. 

There was also a funny pub which sells flowery cocktails bit like from the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels movie but I can’t find the name anywhere! My friend tells me Brixton has changed a lot and I haven’t lived there for 5 years. From memory and yearly visits this is what to get down to on your next trip.