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People say there aren't enough female role models. I hear it all the time. Not that I disagree with this but I am also finding there are some great female role models out there inspiring and influencing me everyday. I am writing this blog to help in case you love travelling and need more tips on health, finance or where to go. The inspiration and help is out there and it won't take long to have a plan in place and lots of fun along the way. 

Recently I have come across three Aussie ladies who have been doing just that.

Sarah Wilson - I Quit Sugar

As the year turned like many there was a real focus for me on health. I had taken a lot on at the end of last year and I was exhausted. I had an amazing trip for Christmas and I was really looking to smash my diet and hit the gym more consistently. I knew when I had got results a year ago I had done two things. Taken up pilates and bought Sarah Wilsons book 'I Quit Sugar'. As many of my family know I am very faddy when it comes to diets and Mum always asks what I can and can't eat when I go home. 

Sarah's diet hit a nerve because clearly she loves food. Everything is easy to make and delicious and you can eat bread, drink wine and have coffee (albeit all in moderation), so she was my kind of girl from the start. The book gives some great recipes and tips for anyone starting to get into the world of living without or cutting back on sugar. Who knew there was 10g of sugar in an orange juice?

This month I started the I Quit Sugar 8 week challenge and I must say I am really enjoying all the food and yummy recipes on offer. It's helping cutting back on my spending for lunch and helping fill up my freezer and cupboards with lots of delcious food. I like the process of how they send you the shopping list on Thursday and you do your big shop and a cook up on Sunday. If you are looking to learn about a healthy diet, this would be a great place to start.

Sarah Riegelhuth - Get Rich Slow

Now my second goal was to learn more about finance and feel more in control of my money and get on top of my financial goals and savings. And most importantly get a plan!

Recommended by a friend this is another 8 week course where every week you get a video in your inbox about 4 minutes long on a topic and workbooks and worksheets to do your homework during the week. Each week she empowers you to do you homework and face all your financial fears. She helps you put a process in place that helps you stay on top of your budget without feeling overwhelmed in fact I am loving it.

Sarah is another example of a young Aussie lady empowering people to get clear and understand their financial position and goals. 

Jaharn Giles - Mister Weekender

When I was launching my blog I was put on to Mister Weekender. I loved her so much I invited her to come and present at my launch event and lucky for me she accepted.

The other two ladies are important as they help me travel more, which is my passion. So this is why I am writing this blog. If you need help budgeting and saving then look no further than Sarah Riegelhuth. If you need some guideance to look and feel top dollar on the beach then look to Sarah Wilson, most importantly it's about being healthy. If you want inspiration on your next trip, the best house plants, how to be creative, or photography. Jahan (Mister Weekender) has it all.

I am really pleased to see these ladies breaking the mould and doing such an amazing job and helping me live the lifestyle I want to live. For more tips and info check out their sites for all their latest tips and insights. What women have empowered you? Where is your next trip? We would very much like to hear from you and post your story on the MICMAD site.