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I know this gets a lot of blog attention and it’s something that came to my mind again as I set off and was on my last adventure across Western Australia.

What have I learnt over the years makes for a really successful pack.

As I am nearly 30 my needs have somewhat developed so I have put the list into two parts. The first is the travel essentially non-negotiables that really work for a travel trip. The second is now my more princess needs on a trip to make the comfort levels as high and enjoyable as possible. Please read on to enjoy and find out more. When you have finished let me know what your top tips are. Is there anything you think I have missed?


Soap dish and Dove Soap. This is a really personal preference however, this is something I have been packing for over 10 years now. I find soap the best way to keep clean travelling and this is a lightweight way to do it. The dish keeps things fairly dry and is a useful way to store the soap.

Miniatures or mini plastic bottles. I really love a decant and filling up some little plastic bottles. Boots in the UK does a really good range so before miniatures were so easy to get, this was a perfect to move all of your larger liquids into smaller more transportable bottles. I do this with things such as shampoo, conditioner.

Nail clippers, nail file and a nail varnish if you are a girl. Where ever you are there will be a time when you need to do your nails and I always am happier when I have pre prepared this. You are always going to be going out for an evening meal or needing to smarten up during some of your travels and having good nails is a great way to look and feel nice. It can also be relaxing way to unwind and others will be appreciative that you remembered these essentials.

Sun Cream. Seriously people this is a non-negotiator. Use at least 30+. If it’s hot you will tan.

Hair Spray or mousse. I have naturally wavy hair and so to keep it looking half decent then some mousse does the trick. It's a simple and effective way to look good.

A small handbag. Seriously something so useful I have always packed you can get an over the shoulder bag to put essentials in that you need for the evening. To keep them safe and mean you are carrying minimal items on you. I have to say for certain countries as well a money bag while visually unappealing is highly useful.

SLR Camera. It’s old school and I love it. A giant camera is just what you don’t need although taking photos and being inspired is what it’s all about. I would highly recommend bringing one and back in the day my film camera brought me so much joy. When I travelled to Brazil at 19 I packed an SLR camera as part of 10kg worth of items.

A book specific to the place or area you are going to. I love reading books about the place or area you are visiting fiction even works really well to give you a flavour of the place.  I wrote a post about my top 6 books on South Amercia. For example in Autralia some top reads would be Japser Jones and The Lost Boys.

Torch. Even a little torch that you can read in bed if you are camping or in hostels it’s a pretty essential item and you will be surprised how much you use it.

Black vest tops. Seriously boy or girl have a few of these to sleep in or wear during the day. They wrap up really small in your pack or bag and never look dirty.

Haviana’s. These bad boys no matter where you are go are fairly essential. I nearly bought those really cute and slightly dorky sandals before going to South America. These flip flops are so comfy and I normally find are good enough for walking for several hours and even some hiking I just do my Haviana’s.

Simple clothes. I won’t go into too much detail here as everyone has their personal preference. Keep it simple and light. A light jumper or jacket for the evenings always helpful. For girls floaty skirts knee length or longer always so useful. Something a bit smarter and then something that covers up skin for high heat or being more conservative. For boys a few good t-shirts or singlets and a solid pair of shorts. Again this is more for hot countries if you are going into nature or the jungle you are going to need to make more specific preparations which we can discuss in more details in other blogs and I welcome your tips for your adventures.

Sunglasses. Essential item and something you can have a bit of fun with. Always useful to have sunnies and if you are travelling and on the road then don’t take your super expensive ones to avoid disappointment.

Bug spray.  How did I nearly forget this. This is an essential and I always think best to pack before you get to your destination. Pretty much wherever you go there will be mossy's so remember to spray yourself every evening. Key areas are legs and ankles.

Inner camping cotton bed sheet. This was one of the best buys for my trip to Brazil when I was younger. If you are staying in lots of hostels and also don't want to get bitten by lots of mosquito's these things are a life saver. They are so lightweight I always get them in cotton and they are fully enclosed like a sleeping bag so there is a highly reduced chance of getting bites.


A large beach towel. One of the greatest discoveries of this year has been a large beach towel. Firstly they look great and are so useful for the beach. Now really they are large and take up substantial room and historically a sarong would do the job. If you are on the road and looking for a bit more flare and comfort I think you can’t go wrong with a large towel. Myer has a great range if you are based in Aus and they always have good deals on. They also make for great practical gifts.

A small body towel. This is a new revelation I used to always use those travel towels that basically don’t work but do take up no space at all. Following my new love and appreciation for a good towel I have a really great black towel that’s not too big that I can use when away. If you are not staying at a hotel or B and B then having an extra towel is always handy.

Bluetooth Speakers. Very popular these days. I actually won mine at an event from a lucky door prize. There is nothing as satisfying as getting to a beautiful beach and having a few tunes to play with friends or have for your room in the mornings or evenings. Having a killer playlist and getting recommendations along the way is always a great supplement to your travel adventures.

Hairdryer / Straighteners. If you are flash packing and doing more dinners and generally needing to look more sociably acceptable then you can bring one or both.

Hat. The younger Bee would not have cared too much about head wear however, now it saves your bacon in the heat and keeps those rays from messing with your mind. You can have so much fun with hats, fedora’s and caps. I personally have been loving my bright, light pink Be Cools cap.

Canon G10 or some funky compact camera.  Bar your mobile phone these are really handy high quality camera’s. I do still miss the focus you can get on a larger SLR camera. These are awesome at taking quality shots and taking up less space.

Pillow Case. Linen is my preferred for if the nice hotel you are staying in is actually a bit manky. Always best to be prepared.

Here are some of my top packing tips. Remember the happiest traveller has the lightest bag. Normally you can locally buy anything you might need. Have fun with it. Next weekend I am off camping and canoeing so hopefully I can bring you some more tips soon.