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With so much craziness going on in the world and in our personal lives, it can be hard to see a way forward.

Earlier this year after a great Christmas break I had a low patch for a few months. I really felt very sad, lonely and homesick and at the time although I knew it was temporary it was difficult. You can feel everything slowly slipping away and bad habits and thoughts creeping in.

After I got back from my trip to the UK, I started to put back a few of the good things into my life. Things are looking up!

1) Read. Earlier this year I read a lot of very depressing literature. Everyone asked me why, and I honestly didn't know it just happened but some of the books were so sad or graphic they were really getting me down! I know this sounds crazy but sometimes it is good to be aware of these things but also maybe don't read three depressing books in a row. Instead read something light and funny I really enjoyed The Life and Love's of Graham Norton for a quick hit. Then I have enjoyed reading about saving and investing with the Barefoot Investor and now I am on a role reading about breathing, India and Palestine. 

2) Exercise. I took up a string of boxing classes, and as soon as you are exercising and in a good routine you start feeling great. I need to keep up more of this I'm still struggling to fit it all in!

3) Getaway. Get away from your area and your city and just get out into nature. Go hiking, drink wine, laugh, eat hearty food, play games, love, this is all good for the mind, body and soul. A good weekend away makes me feel good for weeks afterwards. 

4) Breathe. Reading book And Breathe and doing Kundalini Yoga I think not only expands your creativity, makes you bounce for joy but also clears your mind and gives you a way forward. I am a naturally happy, positive person, it's always good to find ways to centre, be calm and get clarity. 

5) Everybody should have a project. I love this quote and I think having a little project such as doing a creative course, learning a new language, taking up a new skill is a great way to skill up in new areas and meet new people. Perhaps you want to be a swimming teacher in your spare time, learn to code or be training for a sports goal you have. Or maybe if your like me all of the above. 

6) Have short, medium and long term goals. Short could be a weekend away, medium a bigger trip abroad and long term could be saving for your dream house or getting on the ladder. Knowing and visualising what you want and planning around it gives you lots of clarity and motivation to help you get there. 

7) Help and work with others. Working in groups and teams can be extremely rewarding. I am really looking forward to creating an art exhibition with some old and newer friends who I have met in Sydney. This will be my third Christmas time event, and each time I know they will grow, get better as do I and I get to share an amazing night with my friends. I also really enjoy hearing about and spending time working with friends projects be it a new gym, a coaching company or creating a new brand, I enjoy working and supporting others in achieving their goals. 

8) Give back and support a charity. Find a good local charity or a cause you can be passionate about and do what you can in terms of giving or your time to help others. It makes you feel great, you are getting involved in the community and learning about others and seeing some amazing things that people do. 

9) Make time to relax and spend time with your loved ones. I love the term Sunday loveday and that's normally my day to relax do nothing and either spend mostly in bed or chilling. It's my day to recoup and regroup and relax.

10) Plan for your future. Having a plan and goals really helps you know where you want to go. Even if this changes it helps in your communication, your purpose and your relationships. I'm loving monthly finance date nights, thinking about where I want to be in 3 or 5 or 10 years time and then thinking what are the best steps I can be taking now. Good luck and tell me how you go.