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Podcasts are something I go in and out of. This is a medium that is growing at a ubiquitous level and you can't escape, so it's better to dive in. Here are some of my favorites. 


Even just discussing this podcast last night got me going about how amazing it was. Personally, my favourite was series two where Sarah Koenig investigates Bowe Bergdaha, a US army officer who decides late at night to leave his camp in Afhanhistan. He gets captured and is imprisoned for 5 years. One of the longest. It's completely mind-blowing and a real moral inquiry as you can't help but feel for Bowe, however people died looking for him, there was huge political commotion to release him and, then almost not enough to save him from when he got back to the US to not potentially end up serving a lot of time in a US prison. Sarah as in the first season does an incredible job each episode and keeps you hooked with her. No wonder over 10 million people have listened to this podcast. As I was listening at the same time he is waiting to hear his fate in the US which made it all the more nail-biting. Trump is not a major fan of Bowe. 

Economist Radio

For small bites into global news and politics look no further. Particularly like the week ahead and to listen on a Sunday night before bed. Keeps you up to date with what's happening in the world. 

The High Low

A new entrant into my listening. I had heard about it a while ago but dismissed it. However, after a new recommendation, I checked it out and I must say after a few epi's I am completely addicted. Firstly they are hilarious and say fuck a lot in really posh voices which I adore, secondly, they do actually talk about politics, world news, and feminist issues so you are learning. As well as their personal lives which at a similar age it's interesting to hear more about their goals, enjoyments, and viewpoints. Well done girls!

Tim Ferris

Now I can only stomach one of his podcasts every so often but I do usually really enjoy them. Fav's have included Jaime Foxx who is hilarious and actually shared a lot of gems, interesting he met Ed Sheehan back in the day as he came to stay with him and play at one of his gigs. Arnold Schwarzenegger what a legend. Really interesting to hear how he triumphed in bodybuilding, and, as a movie star, property developer. He was the California governor for two terms and he's a climate change ambassador. He talked about getting up when your down as it's a spiral, which I really appreciated. A more recent one he interviewed Gretchen Rubin - Experiments in Happiness & Creativity. Which I really enjoyed as she is first and foremost an author so they talked about the process of publishing a book, getting an agent all those things which I found very interesting. To lifestyle, to what makes people happy to many many more amazing gems. What I find annoying about Tim Ferris is sometimes the people he interviews or his perspective comes across as very masculine / San Fran / selfish. Which is not all the time at all but I can't listen to him too regularly!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Firstly when I found out about this podcast it was already #1 in the charts in the UK, except no-one had told me about it. The lead character is called Belinda and is in Sales, need I say any more. The first episode is called the interview and Belinda doesn't say much but seems to blink and have sex with about three people and needless to say she gets the job. The podcast is written by three friends and one of their Dad's wrote a terrible promo with some hilarious storylines and characters you can't help but love it. The team are hilarious and I even saw them live at the Sydney Opera House. This is the podcast that has you crying on tubes, streets and to your friends. I also really enjoy the footnotes where celebs come out of the woodworks and Blinkers and share their enjoyment of the show. Funny stuff. 

Your Creative Start

This podcast has recently been started by Jaharn Giles who I love. She interviews really great people who I really enjoyed such as Sarah Glover who crowdfunded 80k to make an adventure cookbook called Wild and other organisation guru's who have me all geared up for goals and organisers for 2018. I think there are great things to come from this podcast. 

Friday Night Comedy

I haven't listened to this in a while but I did listen to it for years generally I really enjoy Sandi Toksvig who's dry wit and humour always reals you in. I used to enjoy a number of comedy podcasts but this one is topical and quite political and keeps you laughing through these crazy times.