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2017 for me was the year of reading. A crazy, busy, upside down year but one where a lot of books were read and enjoyed. I thought it best to share my top picks. 


If you read nothing else - please pick up this book and read it. I think I bought it in Kmart. Rusty Young is the most incredible writer. I have followed and been interested in him since Marching Powder he makes you believe he is the character because I think they are very much real. I remember being so touched by that book and crying at the end and also learning so much about Latin America and Bolivia. It turns out he spent the last ten years working undercover for the US government, as you do, in Colombia and turns out he's a bloody Aussie. Classic!  Colombiano is quite a big book but trust me once you pick it up you will be sucked in in no time. Even at my craziest time last year when I so busy and starry-eyed I managed to read this bad boy in a week. He takes you through the Colombian jungle and to this central amazing character, a little boy, whose father gets killed by the FARC and therefore he ends up at something insane like 15 joining the Autodenfensia an illegal group of right-wing army types who have lost faith in the governments ability to quell the communists, and they take matters into their own hands. A story of love, a country, decisions, goals, friendship, and extraordinary tough times. It really is a great read. With all these Netflix programs glorifying Pablo and co this really does bring you down to earth and show you how much the people suffered and how at the end of the day they are all really on the same team fighting the same battle. 

Barefoot Investor

This was a great one for me as every year I am wanting to save more money, learn more about personal finance and get more on top of it. Last year I loved Get Rich Slow, Barefoot Investor is another version and he does recommend some useful processes and banks and tips to get you saving and more in control of your finances. 

And Breathe

I've already blogged about this book. I really enjoyed it. Breathing is underrated and can be a powerful tool to unleash your creativity and ideas. This book goes through a series of case studies and how breath work transformed them and their patterns. Small and an easy read. 

Norwegian Wood

Murakami is a cult Japanese author. This book details a coming of age story. Of growing up in Japan and also with growing fears the world is about to end. So not much has changed since the 70s then? It also goes very deep into depression and also culture and love and relationships. It's really interesting, sad and visceral. You get this amazing insight into Japan and it definitely makes you want to visit. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck

This book is everywhere at the moment so I thought I would give it a shot. There were a few things that landed with me. I liked the idea to stop worrying about the things your not doing, clearly you don't give enough fucks. It seems more like a coming of age book about a boy who was lost and then found himself and now has life very clear in terms of relationship, career, and purpose. Essentially his thoughts are having these in place make for a happier life as things will always go pear-shaped. Another interesting point he made was about backpacker type travel and how essentially there's only so long you can spend on the road, the freedom becomes meaningless. 

The Lives Of Others

I put his in there as this is a giant book, really intense, really scaring and epic. It follows four friends from uni until death and it goes indepth into their relationships, their lives and being in love. Some of the storylines are so disturbing and upsetting it can make for a really hard read, although you are gripped at the same time. 

Word of Mouth Guide NSW

Had to put this on there! A two-year project finally got printed at the end of last year and not without its troubles I am really proud of our photography guidebook to NSW. I have had great feedback that the tips from the locals are some of the favourite parts and intrepid travelers have learned new tips and taken our book on the road to follow in the footsteps of some of our adventures. What I believe to be the future of travel books, travel-sized photography book with locals tips, beautiful photos, and locals knowledge. The way it should be.