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Since getting a Kindle a month ago I've can't stop reading! It's been amazing and great to turn away from my phone and I've been deleting Instagram off my phone for weeks and weekends and I'm seeing the positives of not having the constant information overload it gives. That said it's great to log on and see what your friends have been up to and do some posts for my Word of Mouth Guide account

But back to reading! Here are some of my best reads so far, in four weeks. Basically, it's a mix of alcohol, drugs, rock n roll so great stuck into these great reads. 

All I know about love by Dolly Alderton

I've been dying to read this for ages and it's part of the reason I got a Kindle as you can't get it yet in Australia. It's the story of an English girl growing up through her twenties from Uni and then onto London. It's about a girl grappling with life, love, relationships and friendships, most importantly. It's pretty hilarious at times especially around some of the lists and invites you to get that she makes into parody's from the hens or wedding invites. Which is so true! It's easy to read, heartbreaking, funny and very real about growing up as a woman in your twenties. Want to say there's lots more to come in your thirties!! 

Eric Clapton The Autobiography

I loved this book. I didn't particularly love Eric Clapton, he's brutally honest about his behaviour. I really liked his story of growing up and teaching himself to be this exceptional guitar player a self-confessed purist he hates lots of people and music, however, he really engrosses himself in lots of music and musicians especially Blues music. As someone who didn't grow up in this era it's a great insight into all the players of this time. To learn how many drugs they all took, understand their world and lives it's super interesting. For three years he doesn't leave his house just taking heroin. It's also great to go back and then listen to all the music and tunes and get more of a picture of how and why that song was made. It's a great insight into rock n roll and I can't wait to read and learn more. It makes you think how much music has changed and how powerful music was at those times especially with things like World Aid. How you survive what he's been through it's hard to say, but well worth the read!!! Fav Eric song I will Be There, and I Shot The Sheriff is pretty epic too. 

Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd was married to George Harrison (The Beatles) & Eric Clapton. After reading Eric's book I couldn't wait to hear Pattie's side of things. Especially as Eric and their love story was so mad. He was obsessed with her couldn't stop thinking about her and would write her crazy love letters and basically eventually after many years, she left George to be with Eric a guy she in fact barely knew. Both men were tremendously inspired by Pattie and wrote some of their most famous songs, George wrote Something about Pattie which was the most re-recorded Beatles song of all time and Eric wrote the very famous You Look Wonderful Tonight while waiting for her to get ready. I also like her tenacity, she worked hard as a model and then as a photographer and it wasn't all an easy ride at all. She tells her story beautifully and good to read after Erics.  You get an insight into the musical's of the time her perspective. The rock n roll guys would cheat every tour, have multiple secret children yet they lived this romantic love affair in parts. 

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Having lived with someone whose life is a restaurant, this book gave me a whole new perspective. OMG wow. To work as a chef in the restaurant industry you have to be made of certain stuff, have so many skills from cooking, languages, DIY the list goes on. Probably an insane drinking habit and ability to work many hours, & many days of the week. Reading this book after Anthony Bourdain passed away is really sad and reading it knowing that has happened. However, I was totally taken in by his writing, his charm, his different writing styles, his brutal honesty. It teaches you also some great tips for your own kitchen and what to order and not to order during the week and weekends. Personally now I can never eat Hollandaise sauce again. Really touching, easy to read, genuinely original writing. A real insight into New York, how to really enjoy food, and then how to travel and eat and enjoy yourself. Must watch Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. 

Parky by Michael Parkinson

This was at a recent getaway I stayed in and I trust their taste as they have some very good books on their shelf. I saw this and I thought no, but then I started reading and it really was an interesting read. Parky was a favourite television interviewer and everyone in the UK watched his show and he had some very famous guest and memorable episodes such as his three Mohammed Ali interviews at very different stages of his life and career that I grew up watching. He started his career as a journalist and it's a great read watching him travel the world and following his very successful career from journalist to TV personality. 

He's a mad keen cricketer which I didn't know, his father wanted him to play for Yorkshire and he grew up in a mining family and was the first person to buck the trend and become a journalist. Born just before WW2 it provides an extraordinary insight into England during that time and after and just how much the world and England have changed in this relatively short period. We have so much more than we did. It's an easy read and a great walk down memory lane, as well an insight into his life and career and personality but also a journey through time. He also spent a lot of time in Australia, mainly Sydney and did quite a few TV shows here which again makes it all the more interesting living here and hearing his perspective on Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Of course, you can also check out my book Word of Mouth Guide NSW at www.wordofmouthguide.com get your copy and enjoy the inspiration and adventure Australia and New South Wales has to offer! Next stop Zadie Smith, the Nike story and much, much more!

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